Chest Day!


Before we talk about exercises, let’s talk about anatomy!


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The anatomy of the chest is pretty simple and the exercises that go with it are pretty straight forward. I found this great pic below on that shows you exactly which part of the chest…

3 Ways to Manage Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body can’t properly digest glucose and, as a result, cannot either take in insulin or properly digest insulin. Type 2 diabetes is usually reversible if you eat a proper diet and exercise regularly. Here’s how to manage your diabetes.

Take Control of Your Weight


Also, my weight has gone back to what it was before starting Erasmus, which isn’t a problem because that’s still only 150lbs (I’m 5’7”). Seriously though, my weight has fluctuated so much over past 5½ months abroad.

I started off at around 10st 10lbs, initially lost 7lbs, then gained around 5,…


hey “fitspo” blogs guess what!!!!!!! motivating and inspiring people to exercise and be healthy is not just posting pictures of skinny women. that’s called “thinspo” which is pro ana and therefore harmful and self desctructive and you should really stop supporting the idea that women need to be as…


Plank to push up on the exercise ball. So robotic but I had to in order to keep my core engaged. It’s not always about speed. You need to make sure you’re activating the muscles that are meant to be activated for the exercise. #trainitright #notimberlands #coach #trainer #proper #technique #activation #exercises #exerciseball #workout #gym #toronto